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Where Vinegar and Noodles Collide

The whole process from making fruit vinegar to finishing 21 Food Studio’s Sun Dried Noodles takes 5 years. Mr. Chang discovered that our vinegar not only makes the noodle naturally more chewy and delicious, it also helps our body digest it more easily.

Where 21 Food Studio Began...

In 1999, Jiji Earthquake destroyed many towns and villages in central Taiwan. Mr. Chang, a resident of Puli village, wanted to help the farmers that could not sell their crops due to the earthquake. With limited capital, he bought all the vegetables and fruits from the farmers to make vinegar and fruit enzyme.


Healthy Noodles for Daughters

Because Chang’s daughter had digestive problem, he figured out a way to make natural noodles with the fruit enzyme to make the food more easily digestible. Chang’s daughters wanted to spread their father’s love and invention to more people, so they opened a noodle shop in Taipei - 21 Food Studio.

Sun-Dried Noodles Launched Online

After five years of effort, we are launching 21 Food Studio’s chili flavor Sun-Dried Noodles. Now it’s also available online! The mild spicy sauce is made with virgin olive oil and selected red chili pepper. We welcome you to try it out!

Sun-Dried Noodles, Chili Flavor (5pcs)

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Open Hours: 11:00am - 09:00pm